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TV Stands for Wall Mounted TVs

If there’s one question that I receive more than any other, it’s about the stand that I used in the How to Wall Mount a TV guide.  While selecting the right TV wall mount is important, it’s also a good idea to find a nice piece of furniture to put all of your AV equimpment inside of.  Things like DVD and Blu-Ray players, cable and satellite boxes, and video game systems like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii need a place to reside along with your new LCD or plasma TV.

You want something that has a clean look and goes well with your existing furniture.  If you can’t find anything locally (I know this can be hard), consider looking online at Amazon.com.  They’ve got some nice AV cabinets that work well with wall mounted TVs.  Additionally, if you don’t want to mount your TV on the wall, many of these AV cabinets work well (or were designed to work) as a stand for your large LCD or plasma TV.

Here’s 6 great-looking AV cabinets/stands that will work great with a flat panel TV:

1. Walker Edison 44 inch Cortez Wood TV Console

This TV stand and AV cabinet is available in both black and brown wood.  It accommodates most flat-screen TVs up to 65 inches when used as a stand.  Obviously, you can make it work with a number of different configurations for wall mounted TVs.  You get one shelf spanning across the width of the stand for AV components and a rear access hole for wiring.  Additionally, the bottom portion of the cabinet serves as a media storage compartment with two doors for accessing DVDs, games and accessories.  Click here see more.

2. Urbane TV Stand-60″

This espresso-colored TV stand features four individual shelves, two of which are adjustable.  This unique-looking design features two media drawers in the middle of the cabinet, which divide the component shelves.  While you can place an LCD or plasma TV up to 60″ in size on this stand, it will work beautifully with just about any TV above 40″ when mounted on the wall. Click here see more.

3. Linon Sutton 54-Inch Plasma TV Stand, Black

This black TV stand will hold up to a 54″ LCD or plasma TV.  It features an open back with plenty of shelf space for AV components and two drawers for media and accessories. Click here see more.

4. Gothic Cabinet Craft Real Wood Plasma TV Stand

This light brown wood TV stand features a single top shelf with a wide cable access hole in the back.  Two drawers occupy what would be a bottom drawer and can hold an assortment of media and accessories.  Best of all, this TV stand ships as a one piece unit with no assembly required. Click here see more.

5. Techcraft CRE48B Hi Boy Credenzas for 48-Inch Flat Panel Televisions

This black TV stand has a closed front, which is good for AV components that operate via bluetooth remotes or will otherwise be open when watching TV or playing games.  AV cabinets with doors can sometimes be irritating when trying to use remotes; however, they come in handy when trying to convince a spouse that there won’t be a bunch of unsightly “stuff” out in the living room if you move a LCD or plasma TV in there.  Just be ready for the trade off of aesthetics over function if you decide on a cabinet with doors. Click here see more.

6. 60″ Plasma TV Console with Media Storage – Black

This sleek-looking TV stand features brushed metal legs and handles, which really set off nicely against the black finish.  You get 3 center shelves with caple access holes at the back of each shelf.  Additionally, there are two media cabinets, one on each side of the shelves, which allow for storage of media and accessories. Click here see more.

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